MapperActive 3.0 Release

AUSTIN, Texas – March 1, 2015 — GradientD today launched version 3.0 of MapperActive.  A major change in this new release is the conversion from Flash to reactive HTML5 technology.  With this change, MapperActive interactive maps are now viewable on more platforms, devices, and browsers; e.g. iPhone, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.  Version 2.0 will still be available and optionally provided on deployments.

MapperActive helps conference exhibitors and attendees navigate an event’s trade show floor.  With mapperActive, individuals can use the interactive features of the map to optimize their visit by planning their itinerary path prior to and during an event, on any device.

The MapperActive interactive map was developed by GradientD, of Austin, Texas.  According to Daniel James, owner of GradientD, “Our goal is to provide an easy to use, affordable solution to help conference managers guide their attendees to exhibits and other items of interest on a show floor. Maps can be customized in a variety of creative ways. For example, they can be adapted for pre-show use to help exhibitors identify available booths they can reserve. With multiple methods to use the map, we provide our customers with the ability to view a map as it relates to their specific needs.”

mapperActive offers a customizable solution that is focused on a user experience that is clear and intuitive, and a user interface that is visually appealing. The product can be accessed via the internet, touchscreen kiosks or smart hand held devices.

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